Log2Stats Documentation

General settings - Workspace settings

General tab of the Workspace settings window allows you to setup several important parameters which affect web analytics results:

Log2Stats workspace settings - General settings

There should be a meaningful title of your workspace in the "Title" field. Generally your domain name (mysite.com) or short site description (My first web site) will work.
Path to workspace shows the location of your workspace file.

Domain name field must be filled with exact domain name of your web site without the "www" prefix. It is important to have this field filled properly because Log2Stats uses it to distinguish external referrers from the local ones. You should fill this field with even if your log files contains information about web site's domain name.
Only one domain name is allowed in this field.

Default file name field must contain the name of the default index file. Almost all Web servers have a default file, usually index.php, default.asp or index.htm, but sometimes default.html, welcome.html, or other, that will be loaded automatically when a directory name is used as the URL. It is important to have this field filled properly so Log2Stats will count requests for directories and index files as requests to the same file.

In the Parsing settings Session timeout or Visit timeout is the maximum number of minutes between the two subsequent hits from the same IP address until they will be recorded as different visits. New visit will be recorded if the request is made after the specified number of minutes of inactivity.
Default value is 30 minutes.

Use advanced visit detection option matches class B (255.255.*.*) networks of visitors instead of IP addresses. This can help to track visits with dynamic IP addresses.

Log files location is used by Log2Stats for storing log files. The program imports log files into this directory. It also reads log files from this directory during parsing process.
Default value is "logs" - directory with this name will be created near your workspace file.
You can also set this to any directory on your computer by specifying the full path, however be prepared that the program will attempt to process every file in this directory, not only log files. Also Log2Stats can make changes to the log files by sorting them and remove duplicates, so it is recommended to leave this settings as is and import log files using the log management window or by copying new log files into this directory manually.

Log files compression option specifies the compression used for imported log files. Log files are compressed only during the import process, no changes will be made to already imported log files. BZIP2 is slow but offers the best compression ratio, GZIP is fast and provides good compression, Uncompressed is not recommended because of large amount of space used on your hard drive.