Log2Stats Documentation

Instant filters

Almost all reports in Log2Stats are generated by selecting visits (or sessions) which where active during the selected date range. You can use instant filters to control which visits will be selected for reporting.

Instant filters can be used to refine web site statistics in individual reports (both standard and favorite), date ranges in favorite reports, directories in favorite reports (filter applies to all reports in that directory).

You can setup instant filters using Visit filter page of report settings:

Use instant filters to select visits for reporting

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can apply two separate filters to the report. Quick filter allows to refine report by a single parameter only. I.e. "Country equals Germany" will show data for visits from Germany. Don't forget to turn on filtering by using the "Toggle quick filter" button after setting up the quick filter.

Selected Instant filter box allows you to select already defined instant filter. You are adding such filters by using button. These filters can contain several conditions and even use other instant filters as a condition.

The following visit parameters are available for filtering:

ReferrerVisit's full referring page will be tested against filter value
Referring domainReferring domain part of visits referring page will be tested
Search engineSearch engine name will be tested. You can find names in the Search engines report
Search wordThe value will be tested against search therms used to find your web site
Search phraseSearch therms will be tested against several words specified in filter parameter
Exact search phraseFilter parameter is tested against exact search query
Page/download/imageSpecified resource visited
CountryVisitors country is tested
Advertizing campaign/parameterAd. campaign or parameter is tested
Entry/exit pageVisitors entry or exit page
User agentValue is tested against user agent string
HitsThe number of hits is tested
Viewed pagesThe number of viewed pages is tested
Downloaded filesThe number of downloaded files is tested
TrafficOutgoing traffic
IP addressVisitor's IP address is tested