Log2Stats Documentation

Customizing html reports

Log2Stats allows you to fully customize html reports by editing template files.

You can put these files either to the 'templates' directory near your workspace file or to the 'templates' directory in the User's Application Data folder.

If your workspace file name is 'd:\Log Analysis\analyse\my_web_site.l2s' then you must put these files to 'd:\Log Analysis\analyse\templates\' directory. Log2Stats will use these templates for this workspace only.

If there are no specific templates for the workspace, Log2Stats will search for them in the User's Application Data directory. This directory can be found on your system drive but in most cases it will be hidden. You will have to set your computer to show Hidden Files to see this directory.

Example User's Application Data folder locations
Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Log2Stats\
Windows VistaC:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\BitStrike Software\Log2Stats\
Windows 7C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\BitStrike Software\Log2Stats\

Log2Stats will use default templates if it is unable to find these files in both folders. It is possible to customize only some of the files, i.e. style sheets.

Template files 
frames.htmlFrameset for multiple reports
contents.htmlTemplate for multiple reports contents frame
reportframe.htmlTemplate for multiple reports report frame
report.htmlGeneral report template used in other templates
onereport.htmlTemplate for single report
reportsingle.htmlTemplate for multiple reports on a single page
contentscss.htmlCSS for contents on a single page
css.htmlGeneral CSS

You can download sample templates here: templates.zip